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Why Choose REID?

REID Lifting is the pioneer in lightweight portable lifting solutions, so for anyone requiring a safe lifting system to move loads up to 5,000 kg REID is at the forefront.

REID Lifting – when confidence is critical

From priceless pieces of art to manhole covers, our systems are designed and tested to meet the most stringent compliance considerations with optimum ergonomic factors, giving employers, health and safety professionals and users absolute confidence in our lifting solutions.

REID Lifting – safe and efficient in any environment

The portability of our products means they need only be exposed to extreme environments (e.g. bad weather or chemical contaminants) during the time needed to complete the job, minimising the impact of any corrosive effects on the lifting jib and improving safe, clean handling.

REID Lifting – when a ‘clean lift’ is needed

In environments where there is a need for absolute cleanliness, such as in hospitals or laboratories, our anodised or powder coated products can be easily cleaned or even sterilised. This has enabled us to secure contracts in the medical, food processing, ICT and heritage/culture sectors as well as in traditional industrial markets.

REID Lifting – multiple lifting challenges, one investment

It makes sound economic sense to have one portable lifting solution that can easily be moved from job to job rather than invest in several permanent alternatives – saving maintenance, manpower, planning permission, inspection charges and insurance.

REID Lifting – better for the environment

Fewer, portable lifting systems made from easily recycled materials with high residual value – reduced environmental impact and carbon footprint.

REID Lifting – raising customer care

We have built an excellent reputation for looking after customers before, during and after the sale. Customers can expect individually-focused solutions and responsive sales support. Customisation, bespoke developments and ‘design in’ support and consultancy, as well as training, is available.