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BLOODHOUND SSC: Product Sponsors


REID Lifting is the market leading innovator of lightweight, portable and safe lifting equipment. REID Lifting supports the Bloodhound Supersonic Car project, which aims to build a vehicle to break the current land speed record and reach 1000mph. REID has provided bespoke gantry lifting systems specific to the requirements of the project. As part of the Bloodhound REID Lifting are committed to supporting the STEM Ambassadors Program inspiring the next generation of engineers.


REID Lifting designs and manufactures standard and bespoke aluminium lightweight, portable lifting equipment up to 5000kg lifting capacity for goods or personnel applications. We have a reputation for quality, award winning design, safety and ease of use. Our lifting equipment is suitable to a wide range of markets including Water and Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Hire sector, Construction, Aerospace, Automotive, Museums and many others. We work with partners, distributors, re-sellers and end users across the globe. REID Lifting have exceptional knowledge of aluminium engineering and we are proud to sponsor the Bloodhound SSC project.


The Bloodhound team chose to use a REID Lifting PORTA-GANTRY frame rated up to WLL 2000kg. This innovative tall gantry lifting system with an integrated CMCO Yale 360 chain block, has helped the Bloodhound team to carefully construct each element of the car, which is powered by both a jet engine and a rocket.

REID Lifting have subsequently provided a second PORTA-GANTRY, with a WLL 3000kg and features tailored for the specific project requirements. This second custom gantry has an 8m beam for lifting, moving and lowering of the upper chassis of the supersonic car. The additional trolley rope control system allows the PORTA-GANTRY trolley to be moved effortlessly along the length of the beam in a smooth and controlled manner when under load. Controls are positioned such that the operator is in a safe location from the live load. The Wind Up Jack Legs will help to distribute the load evenly and ensure the gantry is level when used on uneven surfaces. Both PORTA-GANTRY systems were used for testing and constructing the supersonic car. However, the second gantry was designed for use in not only the Bloodhound workshop, but also on the Hakseen Pan in South Africa where the land speed record will be attempted in 2018.

In December 2016, the PORTA-GANTRY lifting system travelled with a small number of the Bloodhound SSC Team to Newquay Aero hub to test the jet engine’s fuel systems. The gantry was used to lift the lower chassis to an angle of 60 degrees to simulate the G forces the jet fuel will face at 1000mph. This successful test was a key milestone in the development of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car.


Official Bloodhound STEM ambassadors, Luke Rossiter, Design Engineer and Tim Battersby, Machine Tools Apprentice have visited schools across South Wales inspiring the next generation. Both having a strong interest in engineering, have shared their passion for the project and the profession with the aim to inspire students to further their studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


October 2017: Aero hub at Cornwall Airport Newquay in October 2017, where the team tested the car at 210mph for the first time. Read more about the success of the Newquay Trials here.

January 2018: Bloodhound SSC announce target of 500mph test in South Africa. Read the article here.

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