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Portable lifting equipment guarantees access to your tanks in every situation

Securing access to hatches for tanks, reactors, mixers, or fermenters can be difficult when the surroundings are confined and changing continuously.

However, for smooth operation it is imperative to have access to them periodically to carry out preventive maintenance and visual inspections.

REID Lifting’s lightweight, aluminum, lifting equipment provides temporary anchorage for the operator, in compliance with current safety standards. The majority of REID Lifting materials have the EN795 Class B certification.

Depending on your constraints, the equipment can also be supplied in stainless steel and in compliance with ATEX standards.

As part of the CATEC (Certificate of fitness to work in confined spaces) system, REID structures are ideal.

PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE systems are lightweight, portable and ideal for a wide range of lifting solutions

With a large number of configurations available, this aluminum mobile gantry adapts to your needs according to your environment. Adjustable in height and width, a single system can satisfy a number of your lifting requirements.

Use a man rated winch to raise and lower a person from the PORTA-GANTRY systems safely under all conditions. Lined with one or several fall-arrest units, REID systems allow additional safety features for situations where safety is paramount.

These compact gantry cranes are easily transported and can be used at several production sites. The PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE can be safely stored in a ‘Stow N Go’ until it is needed again.

The PORTA-DAVIT jibs are ideal for elevated stations and points that are difficult to access.

Where it is not possible to place the two legs of a gantry on either side of a hatch, an aluminium davit could make the best use of the space available.

REID’s lightweight cranes (from 18.5 to 23.5 kg depending on the specification) are temporarily installed to carry out the work and then disassembled quickly when they are no longer needed.

The complete range of sockets integrate within the working environment in the safest way without hindering the evolution of the personnel or materials. The bridge mount socket, for example, is fixed to the supporting structure of the grating. The flush mount on the other hand, is integrated into the ground. The side and top mounts can be bolted in concrete or on metal structures.

In the same way as the gantries, the jib cranes can be equipped with a winch (in stainless steel if necessary) and a fall arrest that are adjustable in height and range.

The PORTA-GANTRY for the imposing tanks with access in height.

With a hook height of up to 5.80m and a beam width of up to 9m, the PORTA-GANTRY tall range of lifting gantries provides access to the hatches located at the top of the tanks.

Equipped with one or two winches, stop-falls, PORTA-GANTRY systems can be placed above towering units, and perform the functions of raising and lowering personnel or to ensure them in the event of a fall.

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