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Innovative, lightweight and portable gantry crane

Easily stowed and quick to deploy

Ideal for customers needing an easily stowed and quick to deploy portable lifting solution, the PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE WLL 500kg represents the optimal ultra-light product in REID’s already impressive range of lightweight, portable lifting equipment.

The easy to assemble portable aluminium lifting crane is a unique, rapid deployment, ultra-lightweight, highly compact system with goods and personnel lifting (man-ride) capability with EN795-Class B, ANSI and CSA certification.

The aluminium gantry crane further develops the already industry leading PORTA-GANTRY WLL 500-5000kg lightweight and portable credentials, by providing a WLL 500kg goods lifting or a 3 person simultaneous fall arrest/personnel positioning solution. The unique ultra-lightweight, foldable crane system weighs just 33kg and is easily stowed, transported and deployed by one person in just one minute.

Designed and manufactured in the UK by REID Lifting, the portable lifting frame is receiving attention for applications for rapid response pump maintenance, confined space, rescue and work at height, National Health Services applications, general maintenance services and many more applications where people are identifying big potential savings in manpower, response times and improvements in safety and operator injury reduction.

For technical information, documentation and accreditation on this product and indeed our full range of lightweight, portable aluminium lifting cranes, please visit the Document Library on our website.

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PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE WLL 500 KG Personnel Lifting (man-ride) Application
PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE WLL 500 KG Manhole Application