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Working Load Limit (WLL)
Assembley/Operation People Required
Transportation Weight/Method

This unique, ultra-light and rapidly deployable system has a WLL 600kg and weighs just 18.5kg. Complete with an integrated carry-handle, the PORTA-DAVIT QUANTUM is easily transported, and suitable for a range of applications.

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NEW HEAD DESIGN Innovative head design with three sheaves & dual winch position

IMPROVED SAFETY Shock absorbent strop for enhanced personnel protection or rigid backstay for winch mounting

ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT Integrated carry handle. Unit weighs from just 18.5 - 23.5kg

QUICK & EASY ASSEMBLY Telescopic jib with integral overload indicator

RAPID ATTACHMENTS Column fins allowing simple winch attachment and 2 radius ranges (900-1200mm or 1200-1500mm)

EASE OF ROTATION Innovative bearing design for ease of rotation under load


  • GOODS WLL: PORTA-DAVIT QUANTUM 1 – up to 600kg at 1200mm* radius

PORTA-DAVIT QUANTUM 2 – up to 500kg at 1500mm* radius

  • PERSONNEL WLL: Up to 150kg at all configurations
  • 1 PERSON FALL ARREST: EN795:2012 certified – as part of an EN363 compliant system
  • ATEX: Suitable for use in ATEX Zone 2 explosive atmospheres
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Integrated carry handle with a unit weight of 18.5kg – 23.5kg
  • RAPID ASSEMBLY: No tools needed, assembles on just 1 pin (2 for winched)
  • CLEAN: Anodised finish to increase corrosion and wear resistance


* Radii achieved at ≃ 75% WLL

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Your selection process is simple:

Step 1 – Select the PORTA-DAVIT QUANTUM ’s Working Load Limit (WLL) and any personnel lifting requirements

Step 2 – Reach or Radius

Step 4 – Socket Type

Step 5 – Select options and accessories to optimise your lifting solution

The PORTA-DAVIT QUANTUM is available in either a standard strop WLL 500kg or 600kg configuration, or as an optional winch upgrade.

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[Standard Configuration]

The PORTA-DAVIT QUANTUM is available in the following configurations:

  • WLL 500kg strop version – 1500mm radius
  • WLL 500kg winched version – 1500mm radius
  • WLL 600kg strop version – 1200mm radius
  • WLL 600kg winched version – 1200mm radius

All configurations are fully compliant for personnel (man-ride) applications as part of an EN363 compliant system.

Although our range of PORTA-DAVIT QUANTUM’s are designed to meet a variety of lifting needs, if you have complex lifting requirements please get in touch with our technical sales department to discuss further.

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Product downloads

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Designed to complement the PORTA-DAVIT QUANTUM, an extensive range of lifting gear accessories are available for purchase.

Accessories include:

  • Fall arrest and retrieval systems
  • Winches
  • Chain blocks
  • Socket extensions

Product downloads

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[Personnel Lifting]

With EN795:2012 certification (as part of an EN363 compliant system), the PORTA-DAVIT QUANTUM is fully compliant for personnel (man-ride) applications, capable of safely lifting up to WLL 150kg.

For over 15 years, REID Lifting has provided a wide range of standard and customised personnel lifting, fall arrest and retrieval solutions for confined space and work at height use. To discuss the optimum configuration for your personnel lifting applications with REID Lifting products, please get in touch with our technical sales department.

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    No PDF downloads available for this product.


Ultra-light, rapidly deployable and with an integrated carry-handle for easy transportation, the PORTA-DAVIT QUANTUM has been designed with convenience in mind. Assembly instructions for each configuration are available in the Assembly & Operations Manual.

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UKAS-accredited testing, ISO standards an membership. All REID Lifting davit cranes are tested to 150% WLL prior to shipping.

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