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Working Load Limit (WLL)
Assembley/Operation People Required
Transportation Weight/Method

The easy-to-transport, mobile lifting gantry, PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE adds exciting new dimensions to the PORTA-GANTRY family, as a unique rapid deployment system with goods and personnel lifting (man-ride) capability with full EN795 Class B certification.

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Wide range of rapid attachment goods; personnel positioning and fall arrest & retrieval winch bracket attachments available.

Integral wheel for easy portability by one person

Family of goods and personnel lifting encapsulating trolleys for safety and height of lift increase

Carrying handles for portability

Folds down into its own frame for easy stowage and transport


  • Dual rated with multi-purpose trolleys and sheave carriers for goods and personnel lifting: goods rated to WLL 500kg; designed to exceed EN795 Class B.
  • 3 person simultaneous fall arrest/personnel positioning capability in a range of configurations (fall arrest capability reduced when goods load simultaneously applied).
  • Rapid assembly by one person in just one minute.
  • Assembled on just two pins by one person (no bolts required).
  • Total assembled weight just 33kg with articulated feet or just 37kg with load bearing, lockable castors.
  • Integral wheeled carrier for ease of transportation; folds down neatly with structure acting as chassis; transport wheel for portability by one person; two handles for carrying by two people; easily fits into a typical service van.
  • Height of lift easily adjusted.
  • Different beam lengths (to 4000mm with some reduced capability) plus additional 200mm height adjustment.

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Standard System Configurations

Standard – HoL to lifting eye 1738mm to 1938mm

  • Medium – HoL to lifting eye 1642mm to 2042mm
  • Tall – HoL to lifting eye 1916mm to 2816mm

Standard Beam Options2000, 2300 and 4000mm & custom

Customisation available for specific requirements.

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[Standard Configuration]

Although we offer complete customisation and even bespoke solutions, our standard in-stock range is versatile enough that many customers can get what they’re looking for ‘off the shelf’.

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The range of PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE system configurations offers a wide range of options to optimise your system for confined space, uneven ground, personnel positioning as well as goods lifting with fall protection; examples of which are given in the attachment below.

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The wide range of PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE system configurations & options allows the choice of an extensive range of lifting gear accessories to provide the solution you require, examples of which are given in the attachment below.

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[Personnel Lifting]

Almost the whole of REID’s product range can be adapted for personnel lifting (man-ride) usage, and in many cases systems can be dual-rated for both goods and personnel lifting. For over 15 years, REID has provided a wide range of standard and custom personnel lifting and fall arrest and retrieval solutions for confined space and work at height use (with EN795 Class B classification).

The PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE has been specifically developed for such applications to provide additional capability and safer use in confined space and work at height applications, with its wide range of goods and personnel lifting capabilities.

Please discuss all personnel lifting applications with REID to ensure the optimum configuration and the correct selection of accessories.

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The PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE has been specifically designed for rapid deployment and compact stowage & easy transportation; the standard system taking just one minute to assemble for use.

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UKAS-accredited testing, ISO standards and LEEA membership.  REID system designs are tested, normally to 150% of WLL.

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