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Working Load Limit (WLL)
500KG - 5000KG WLL
Assembley/Operation People Required
Transportation Weight/Method

Lightweight, portable and safe, the innovative and unique PORTA-GANTRY lifting system range is designed for easy transport, rapid assembly and safe use. REID offers a range of configurations, lift-ratings and personnel lifting options, including the world’s first WLL 5000kg (5 Tonne) capacity portable gantry.

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Range of A-frame dimensions available with simple height adjustment, plus ratchet and geared lifting aid options

Range of beam lengths available to suit application with 200mm length adjustment intervals

Goods and personnel trolleys encapsulating beam available with a range of options: master link, close coupled, gear driven, integrated and sheaved.

Rapid, simple ‘scissor’ assembly on just four bolts by one to two people (with additional mechanical assembly aid on the PORTA-GANTRY WLL 5000KG)


  • Goods WLL From 500kg up to 5000kg (depending on model)
  • Personnel WLL Maximum combined personnel lifting capacity up to 2000kg (depending on model)
  • 3-5 Person Fall Arrest (500 & 1000 – 3 persons, 2000, 3000 & 5000 – 5 persons). In conformity with PD CEN/TS16415:2013
  • 1 person Fall Arrest EN795:2012 certified – as part of an EN363 compliant system and in conformity with ANSI Z359.18-17 and AS/NZS 5532:2013
  • Rope Access Conforms to IRATA International Code of
    Practice for industrial rope access
  • ATEX All models suitable for use in ATEX Zone 2 explosive
    atmospheres. ATEX Zone 1 is available as an upgrade
  • Lightweight & Portable With easy on-site assembly within manual handling guidelines:
    – 4 portable parts assembled on just 4 bolts
    – Simple ‘scissoring’ assembly in just 2-5 minutes
    – 360° swivel-locking castors as standard
    – Simple, manual height and span adjustment
    – Ultra-safe captive trolley
    – Ergonomic design of profiles, handles, etc.
  • Stable Bolted structure, lateral beam and leg bracing features
  • Configurations Variety of standard configurations available, plus customisation for specific requirements and interchangeable components (subject to WLL rating)

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Your selection process is simple:

Step 1 – Select the PORTA-GANTRY’s Working Load Limit (WLL) and any personnel lifting requirements: (WLL 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg or 5000kg)

Step 2 – Select A-frame sizes for overall Height and Height of Lift (HoL) (Small, Medium, Intermediate, Tall or Custom)

Step 3 – Select the beam length for Overall Length and Operating Span – up to 6000mm as standard (WLL dependent)

Step 4 – Select trolley type (fully encapsulated for safety with options for confined space applications):

  • Standard
  • Closely coupled (adding +100mm HoL)
  • Integrated (adding + 245mm HoL)
  • Geared (adding + 200mm HoL and aiding load movement)
  • Custom

Step 5 – Select options and accessories to optimise your lifting solution

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[Standard Configuration]


These dimensions may vary slightly across the range – for more exact dimensions for restricted headroom applications please contact REID.



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As well as build customisation, REID’s wide range of standard options means you have access to the ultimate in flexibility. Options vary for A-frames, trolleys, hoists, cantilever systems, beams, sliding A-frames for easy adjustments etc.

Optional Extras:

  • Universal Wind-up Jack Legs
  • Lobed Cheek-plates  (inboard scissoring)
  • Jointed Beams
  • Gated Trolley (available on most options)
  • Geared Trolley
  • Rope Controlled Trolley

For PORTA-GANTRY options and upgrades, please see pages 10 – 13 of the Product Information document below.

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Flexible configurations, a wide range of standard options AND a large range of accessories? REID’s variety of offering means we can offer the solution to almost any lifting challenge.


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[Personnel Lifting]

The PORTA-GANTRY Systems are in conformity with the provisions of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/ 425 and with the harmonised standard EN795:2012 Type B.

The EC type-examination for this device has been carried out by SGS United Kingdom Ltd, 202b, Worle Parkway, Weston-super- Mare, BS22 6WA, United Kingdom (CE body no.0120) in accordance with Module B of the PPE Regulation and the EC quality assurance system has been carried out by SGS Fimko Oy, Särkiniementie 3, Helsinki, 00211, Finland (CE body no. 0598) in accordance with Module D PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

The PORTA-GANTRY has different ratings depending upon the application:

*Only Applicable to PORTA-GANTRY systems being used in accordance with PD CEN/TS 16415:2013. When being used in accordance with EN795:2012, the structure shall be limited to a maximum of one user in fall arrest

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    No PDF downloads available for this product.


Rapid assembly is a cornerstone of REID’s product design, ensuring our systems can be easily and quickly transported to site and in safe use in a matter of minutes.

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The PORTA-GANTRY family is UKAS-accredited tested, ISO certified and our full LEEA membership provides evidence of quality in engineering and operational excellence. REID system designs are tested, normally to 150% of WLL.

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