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Saving International Aqua-Tech Time and Costs

International Aqua-Tech approached REID Lifting to assist them with a specific lifting application for a smolt farm based in the Scottish Highlands.

International Aqua-Tech was formed in 1992. The company design, manufacture, install and operate Water Treatment Systems, or Recirculation Systems, for a wide variety of applications. Customers include the Dubai Mall Aquarium, Manchester Sea Life Centre and the Geoffrey Pope Research Facility.

They required a lifting solution to help with the construction and transportation of 6 meter diameter and 2 meter high polypropylene tanks. The tanks needed to be constructed and then lifted onto trucks to be transported to the main site across the road from the factory.

REID Lifting recommended the use of 2 x PORTA-GANTRY systems WLL1000kg in a Tall configuration which provided a Height of Lift (HoL) of 4079 mm.

The tanks would normally be constructed using manual labour methods, which required many people.  These specific tanks were too high and too large a diameter to safely construct without the aid of mechanical lifting equipment.

Without the aid of the two PORTA-GANTRY WLL 1000kg systems these tanks would have been extremely difficult and time consuming to construct. By using the REID Lifting equipment International Aqua-Tech saved time and money on the construction and transportation phase of the project.

Once the project was completed, International Aqua-Tech benefited from using the portable gantries for further lifting applications in their workshop in Wales.

Lee Akrill, Production Manager said, “I honestly don’t know how International Aqua-Tech has managed without this lifting equipment for the last couple of decades!

The old saying is very true, ‘Time is money’, we made a cost saving on the project just by saving time in the construction phase on site, even taking into consideration the initial capex of the gantries.

REID Lifting would be the company of choice to purchase any other lifting requirements we may have in the future, they have shown excellent customer sales and after sales service”.

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