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REID Lifting features on ‘Wales at Work’ on BBC Radio Wales

As part of REID Lifting’s Grand Opening events in June 2017, Nick Battersby, Managing Director, was delighted to be interviewed by Will Fyfe from BBC Radio Wales. The interview focussed on REID’s new £4M custom-built facility in Chepstow, sponsorship of the Bloodhound SSC and the company’s recent growth. REID Lifting featured on the Wales at Work program, presented by Arwyn Jones.

Nick Battersby said, “We are currently around the £5M turnover mark and we have ambitions to double that to £10M. We have room for expansion, with 15,000 sq ft next door that we are renting out. We also have extra land available that we can build on. The challenge for us now is to become sales driven and to continue to innovate and maintain our leadership in the market place.”

Will Fyfe explains, “Essentially, if you have something very heavy or very precious that needs moving, then Chepstow based REID Lifting can design and build a structure that can help you do it. Recently, after negotiating funding from the Welsh Government, the company underwent a major expansion, more than doubling it’s staff, and moving to a brand new purpose built on the edge of Chepstow. Overlooking the estuary and the old Severn bridge.”

Nick Battersby agrees, “We were constrained for capacity. We bought this field, here at the time was a green field. We put together a plan for growth, at which was significant investment to build the facility we have and not only build the facility but to buy new machinery as you can see around us. To help us with the financing of that we are having conversations with the Welsh Government. Fortunately they were able to support us with a grant and as a result we have achieved all of the milestones along the way that they were looking for.”

Will Fyfe said, “In order to get the £680,000 of Welsh Government funding, the company promised to spend at least £3.8M on it’s expansion and increase the number of staff there from 21 to 38. In fact, now that the move to the new 45,000 sqft facility is complete, REID have actually spent £4M and created 44 skilled jobs in the engineering industry.”

Will Fyfe spoke with Cristina Moreau, Engineering Manager, about her team’s role within the company. Cristina said, “I lead the Engineering Department in the design and development of new products, the improvements of existing products and all testing and certifications of REID products. We have a team of four engineers and we design and manufacture everything here in our Chepstow facility in South Wales, UK.”

Will Fyfe highlighted that REID Lifting has seen almost constant growth since its beginning in 1996 and it is considering ways to continue that expansion. Managing Director Nick Battersby says he has already got his eye on new target markets in the United States and Japan.

The podcast is now available to listen to and to download on the BBC radio website.

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