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REID Lifting wins the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for INNOVATION

Reid Lifting is pleased to be awarded two of the highest accolades for business success, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise  for International Trade 2013.

Since 1996, industry-leading REID has been at the forefront of innovation in the lifting equipment market, designing products to meet industry requirements and tailoring them to meet individual application and health and safety needs.

Our range has been developed by identifying sector-specific lifting challenges and engineering to meet those customers’ unique needs – our products have become industry-standards in water and wastewater, oil and gas, food processing, museum and other industries.

Reid Lifting wins the Innovation Award for developing two portable gantry systems.

The first, PORTA-GANTRY 5000, a market leader with patented features, is the first aluminium gantry having lifting capacity of 5000kg. Being lightweight, it facilitates easy transportation and manual assembly. Designed using finite element analysis, it complies with stringent quality and safety standards. The second system, PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE, being ultra-lightweight and incorporating an integrated wheeled carrier, can be simply transported, rapidly deployed and easily folded for compact storage by a single operator. It lifts goods or personnel weighing up to 500kg and is suitable for application in confined spaces. Compared with alternatives, the commercially successful innovations have led to more secure, safer and cheaper handling of artefacts and personnel in an extended range of situations.

Reid Lifting has also been awarded the International Trade Queen’s Award.

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