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REID’s PORTA-GANTRY range stands even TALLER

REID’s already unique WLL 500 up to 5000kg portable gantry system range, is now available with even greater capability.

Its NEW Custom TALL systems TC1,2,3 & 4 offering height to the lifting point of up to 5.864m.

This unique gantry family already boasts the only WLL 5000kg portable systems – all with fully witnessed EN795:Class B man-ride compliance for 3 people… and now offers taller systems for those special applications:


Maximum HoL system:

TC1 (Includes Ratchet system) 5.864m HoL up to WLL 2000kg

TC2 (Includes Ratchet system) 5.5m HoL up to WLL 3000kg

TC3 (Includes Ratchet system) 5.0m HoL up to WLL 5000kg

TC4 (Includes Ratchet system) 4.5m HoL up to WLL 5000kg


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