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Sockets & Accessories

Please talk with our sales and support staff to help you identify what you need to make your chosen lifting solution as safe and effective as possible.

REID manufactures a range of supporting products to accompany its core range, each of which is tested to the required WLL of the product it is designed to work with. For example, our standard sockets, sleeves and socket extensions for the PORTA-DAVIT and T-DAVIT product families are tested and certified to WLL 500kg for the PORTA-DAVIT 500 and T-DAVIT 500 and to WLL 1000kg for the PORTA-DAVIT 1000. PORT-DAVIT 500 sockets will NOT support the PORTA-DAVIT 1000 davit family. Customised sockets can be developed for specialist requirements.

REID Lifting strongly recommends the use of overload protection devices to prevent overloading of the lifting system during operation.

For example, we supply the YALE 360 overload protection chain hoist system from Columbus McKinnon  across all our product ranges from WLL 500kg to 5000kg, the overload protection capability protects the lifting system, sockets and lifting gear from excessive forces that may be applied during wet lifts or other lifting challenges where the load on the system may be grater than the weight of the item, or the mass is not known. More importantly the operator is also protected from any consequence of an overloaded lifting system.