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Speedy will be the first to add REID Lifting’s PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE to their rental fleet.

The PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE is an ultra lightweight, rapidly deployed, portable gantry system with goods lifting to WLL 500kg and personnel lifting for 3 people – all this in a system weighing just 33kg and assembled in just one minute and folds down into its own frame for easy stowage and transportation.

Speedy recently invited REID Lifting to present and demonstrate the new PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE at their New Product Introduction Programme event and quickly saw the potential for rental applications across many sectors requiring such rapid deployment and lightweight lifting solutions.

Wasting no time, Speedy placed a forward order to reserve the first manufacturing batch from REID, being the first rental company to add them to their fleet.

As well as adding these unique, ultra-lightweight lifting solutions from REID, Speedy Hire also ordered additional PORTA-GANTRY 5000 systems to add to their rental fleet.

Already very familiar with the unique capability of the PORTA-GANTRY 5000 (the only such portable gantry system with a WLL of 5000kg) a growing number of Speedy Hire depots have been keen to include them in their local fleet – hence the recent order for several more.

REID Lifting’s sales & marketing director, Phillip Ellis, said “We were very excited by Speedy’s feedback on the PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE following the New Product Introduction event. To receive such an order so quickly shows that the product has great potential in many markets from confined space, work at height and FM maintenance to emergency services and general lifting applications.

The additional PORTA-GANTRY 5000 systems also boost Speedy’s higher end manual lifting capability, demonstrating the growing requirement for the total range of portable gantry solutions from REID.

We are very pleased to have Speedy offer such a wide range of rental capability of our Gantry range to the market.”

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PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE WLL 500KG with Man-ride Capability